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Scooter leasing for businesses

Operational two-wheeled leasing is the most innovative and cost-effective solution for any business that owns a fleet of scooters as a major transportation tool in its ongoing operations. To date, businesses that have managed a two-wheeled fleet unlike those who own a vehicle fleet have had to cope with the maintenance, acquiring the necessary knowledge for proper handling of tools, repairing punctures, finding suitable insurance, dealing with accidents, plots and other unexpected events. Get Moto introduces a new product in the field of leasing business and expands your options for operating leasing to a variety of scooters and motorcycles that did not exist in Israel.

What is Operational Leasing?
Operational leasing is a track that includes rental of vehicles for a certain period according to the customer’s demand, at the end of which the vehicles are returned to the leasing company. While the car is in your possession, the leasing company takes care of the car from A to Z and basically all you have to do is take the keys and drive. The choice of this route is common in most commercial companies, but so far has not been possible for businesses and institutions whose ongoing activities are supported by scooters. Get Moto provides the two-wheeled leasing service to bridge the existing gap in existing leasing products. For a fixed amount known in advance, GET MOTO helps you operate your business smoothly and efficiently by saving precious time and resources and comparing the leasing services offered to fleets to the world of wheels. The round-the-clock envelope services provide a solution for every small business, including:

• Dedicated and professional customer service
• Regular repairs
• Periodical treatments
• Complete equipment according to customer demand
• Compulsory and third party insurance
• A modern scooter fleet maintained at the highest level
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