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One of the hallmarks of modern cities in the twenty-first century is the accelerated development of the cooperative transportation revolution. What is happening in Tel-Aviv is an excellent example. In recent years, we have seen how the “Gett” service completely changed the way the taxi is consumed in the city – on the one hand with the push of a button you can book a taxi anywhere and anytime; On the other hand you will not be able to find a taxi on Rothschild without the app – are you out of battery? good luck.

In addition to the “Gett” service, the “Tel-Ofan” service and the chain of bicycle paths that have been paved, added to the city another traffic layer and last year there was an “Auto-Tel” service that enables short-term rental of compact cars with special parking arrangements inside the city.

And yet Tel-Aviv is a traffic nightmare, and the situation in other cities in the Gush Dan region like Petah Tikva, Ramat Gan or Rishon Lezion is no better. In practice, this is a large traffic jam without parking space. Given this congenial mess, it is surprising to discover that until recently there was no professional place in the market that offered scooters for rent.  The Ultimate Urban Tool One of the most effective solutions for transportation in the Gush Dan region is the scooter. At least until the light rail arrives, he does not seem to have any competitors. And yet, it is unclear how dramatic its effect will be in the future. What is clear is that today, because of the excavations and the roadblocks, the situation is worse than ever. In this context, there is also good news. A new scooter rental service, called “Get Moto”, opens in the center of Tel-Aviv and for many residents and tourists alike, this is excellent news.Many Israelis hold scooter license without owning one.Today, thanks to “Get Moto”, they can enjoy the benefit of this license. On a day in which they are known in advance, which is supposed to be filled with meetings and arrangements, which begin at Yad Eliyahu in the south, continue on Habima Square and ends at Ramat Hahayal, no transportation solution is even close to the efficiency and style offered by the motorcycle.  Experience Tel-Aviv from the scooter’s back For the tourist who has a driver’s license on a scooter, “Get Moto” is a wonderful option that no other offers.In this aspect Tel-Aviv is a bit reminiscent of Rome – it is a wonderful city to experience riding on scooter, and we are not talking only about the most efficient and economical conception that tourists can find in the Tel-Aviv area.We are talking about a different level of connection between the tourist and the city – a night drive between the Bauhaus houses of the ‘White City’ or the two-wheeled creeping alleyways in Jaffa will provide an authentic dimension that will enhance the personal experience of each tourist.Here, it is important to note that “Get Moto” scooters provide patients with strict maintenance in addition to the insurance coverage provided to each rider. “Get Moto” offers a wide selection of tools according to the rental purpose, suitability of the tenant and his personal preference. For example, the company offers lightweight 100 cc scooters for women, 125 cc for city cruises and large powerful 250 cc motorcycles for long distance cruises.


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